Exam and Promotion Rules

1.Each student will be promoted on the basis of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation and other relevent tests. In order to assess the progress of the students,Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation will be held according to the new reforms that have been brought out by the CBSE. It advocates child centered education. Students will be assessed not only through pen and paper tests but all through their activities, tasks,projects,assignment etc. which are a learning process through discovery,exploration,group work etc. In this process the all round development of thinking,creativity and personality attributes are taken care of.

2. The Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation needs not only the sincere and devoted work of the teachers but also the support and care of the parents as well. Parents should be willing to comply with the requirements and regulation of the school.

3. Students absent from the assessments of any kind on medical grounds should submit medical certificate along with the applicaion for leave. Promotion of these cases will be considered on the basis of the evaluation conducted and if necessary tests will be taken.

4. Anyone who resorts to malpractice will be debarred from the rest of the examinations. This may even lead to dismissal of the student from school.

5. No student will be allowed to sit for any examination unless all dues have been paid.

6. Results declared at the end of the year are final in all cases and no further discussion on the matter will be entertained.

7. In all matters connected with the admission,examination and promotion/detention of the students, the decision of the principal is final and binding.

Library Rules

1.Library books are issued to the pupils once a week on the day fixed for each class. They must be returned at the end of the week and may be reissued if needed.

2.Student must aquire the habit of reading, as it is required important for their education process. Parents are required to urge their children to cultivate this habit.

3.Students are expected to take care of their library books. Writing or any marking on a book is strictly forbidden. Damage/loss to books while in possession of the student will have to be made good by the student in whose name the book had been issued.

4.Books must be returned two weeks before the examination and holidays.

School Uniform

Students are required to report to school always in prescribed uniform. Parents are requested to go through the details of the uniform as given below:

1.For Boys: Full pants and shirts with half sleeves of given colour. Black shoes with the prescribed colour socks and navy blue sweater/blazer in winter.

2.For Girls: Pleated skirt and shirt of the given colour. Black shoes with the prescribed colour socks and navy blue cardigan /blazer in the winter.

All students must wear belt. Each one must have a set of white pants or white skirt with the particular House colour "T-Shirt" for wednesday and saturday and on special occasion.

- Girls with long hair should tie up the hair in plaits with ribbon, hair cliffs of hair band.

- Students are allowed to dress modestly in their best on birthdays.