Co-operation of Parents

Since education begins at home, the school authorities expect the active co-operation of the parents to achieve the goal set by the school for all the round development of the child. Hence parents are expected:

1.To inculcate in the children love for order and puctuality. Sense of cleanliness and friendliness and self discipline.

2.To check regularly their notebooks, school diary and report card and to take adequate measures for the progress of their children.

3.To Contact the Principal from time to time and to discuss matters connected with conduct, academic progress of their children.

4.To show keen interest in the progress of their children, parents should supplement class room teaching with personal supervision at home and through conversation in english if possible.

5.To seek leave of absence only in unavoidable circumstances. Every absence must be entered in the leave record pages of diary signed by the parents.

6.Not to contact teachers or students during class hours. Parents are free to meet the teachers on 2nd saturday of each month from 10 am to 12 noon to discuss the academic performances of their wards. In case of emergencies permission of the principal should be sought.

7.If during the school hours the children are called home on account of any emergency either the parents should come to take the child or send a letter of authorization through the messenger.

8.It is vitally important to notify the changes in the residential/official address and telephone number to be entered in the diary and communicated in writing to the office as and when they occur.

9.Students must wear the prescribed school uniform , to ensure uniformity.


School Property

1.Every student should take care of the school property, intended or neglectful damage to school property is serious breach of school discipline and will have to be made good by the defaulting student. Scribbling on the walls, desks, books etc. is strictly forbidden. It is bad habit and highly detrimental to the good tone of the school.

2.Damage caused even by accident should be reported immediately to the class teacher.